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Why are we important?

Updated: Sep 17, 2018

Many trainings have passed since we started our blog at the beginning of the year and many people since have learned how to teach our curricula: Fatherhood Is Sacred™/Motherhood is Sacred™ (FIS/MIS), Linking Generations by Strengthening Relationships™, Addressing Family Violence and Abuse.

Along with teaching this curricula, amazing experiences transpired: our facilitators followed through on what they were trained to teach and transformed their own lives into homes of peace and happiness.

They learned to answer the question: Why are we so important? Parents are the most important people on earth because they are responsible for another life that is just beginning.

Here are a few inspiring messages from our facilitators who have learned to bless the lives of other parents as well as their own children:

“I feel blessed and grounded from this training. It renewed my commitment to my home and children. I have enjoyed all parts of this training. The importance of the creator to build a healthy foundation is the most important part of building a healthy foundation for my family and community. The best part was working together to build strength in our communities.” Trilby Kerrigan, Medical Social Worker

“FIS/MIS has been a total blessing. It’s important to my own life as a father to implement what I’ve learned here within my own family. I can’t wait to share this gift in my own community. My views have changed as well as my own beliefs have been re-enforced. This experience has started yet another fire within my heart.” Dino Franklin Vocational Rehabilitation Councilor

“I learned and was affirmed of the importance of being and modeling what I want. I also was reminded how important adults’ roles are in children’s lives. I learned a new respect for dads. I am excited to use this curriculum. This provides the opportunity for success, not lacking in challenges, just a healthy road to respectful, loving, responsible parenting.” Debbie Swayze SAC II, CTHP/BH

“The empowerment that begins to resonate within my heart. The joy, happiness that instantly replaces the void that once was covered up with addiction. I can say I’m a proud parent. To take back my power, choice, and dignity is the best choice I have made as a mother. Thank you to NAFFA for providing us tools to use, share and teach. To remind us we are good and worthy of a chance as a parent regardless of our background.” Shasheen Hoaglen, Mentor, Teacher

“This training was a blessing to me and my family. To point out what I have learned from this training is the teaching of culture, prayer, relationship with family and service. Whether I lived, know or feel, I’m a spiritual human being. This teaching opened my eyes and heart to what I will practice and teach for the next generations. This will be respected and taught to my community and work to better understand humility.” Priest Martinez, C.T.H.P Hilton Recovery Center

“I feel very confident about my ability to implement this teaching to my community, as well as to my family circle at home. I have been able to make a great connection with many more members of my community and it’s very empowering to realize that we are working together to make a safe, positive change today and tomorrow. Our vision is becoming a reality that includes everyone we come in contact with, especially through Fatherhood and/Motherhood is Sacred™.”

These stories and more have been a testimony of the success of Native American Fatherhood and Families Association. We are important to our families and all whom we come in contact.

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