This area of giving is for our operations and the day to day expenditures of keeping NAFFA going to provide family strengthening programs.  

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Material Donations: NAFFA is in need of donations of materials or funds to buy the materials. Our list of needed items are:

1. Padded folding chairs or rolling office chairs. 

2. Native American Art Work (framed or mural)

3.Gravel for landscaping

4. Paper Shredder

5. Office supplies

6.  Landscaping Sprinkler system

7. Parking lot light fixtures

For more information call: 480-833-5007

Teen Prevention Program: NAFFA has developed a special Fatherhood Is Sacred®/Motherhood is Sacred® program for teens in high school. This program has been taught in several high schools benefiting youth to understand their self-worth with a purpose driven life. Help us keep this program going for the future generation of leaders who can learn early how to strengthen their families. 


Restore Family Purpose Prison Program: NAFFA has partnered with local prison facilities to teach our curriculum as a prison program for those incarcerated parents to learn how to strengthen their families when they return home. Help us keep this program going to restore family purpose to those who are in great need

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Volunteer Your Time: Help NAFFA either in office or remotely with your time. You can bless the lives of others who are struggling to strengthen their families.  

For more information: Call NAFFA's Office : 480-833-5007