Certified Facilitator Training

We have trained over 1,500 facilitators and helped approximately 20,000 fathers and mothers with limited assistance from federal or state funds. Our programs span across North America; from Maine to Hawaii, Alaska to Florida, and across Canada.

NAFFA’s approach was specifically designed to work with Native American men, who are among the most difficult groups to work with. Soon after our program started, the fathers wanted the mothers to experience the program also, so the curriculum expanded to include mothers. Through our success, we have found that our purpose and methods extend to people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds. The importance of responsible fatherhood and motherhood is universal, which is why we welcome and invite everyone to experience our programs!



Fatherhood Is Sacred®,
Motherhood Is Sacred®

A 3-Day intense and resourceful, training 

program geared to certify individuals as 

facilitators in Fatherhood Is Sacred®, Motherhood Is Sacred® Curriculum.

Strengthening Relationships®

This amazing training provides individuals the knowledge and skills to implement a 14-week program that assists fathers, mothers, and families in enhancing their capacity to promote strong, healthy, and positive relationships.

Addressing Family
Violence & Abuse

A 3-day training that was created to provide a more
in-depth and focused resource for families and communities facing this devastating problem.