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Three Pillars of NAFFA: The Value of Personal Identity

NAFFA has developed a new approach to emotional wellness called The 3 Pillars of NAFFA. They are:


Personal Identity


Each pillar has its own value and purpose to make one emotionally whole. This post is the second of three: The Value of Personal Identity:

The value of personal identity is just as important as self-worth. As each person has their own personal identity and we understand that as we mature to adulthood, we develop a concept about ourselves over the course of a lifetime. Our personal identity tells us a lot about ourselves. This includes our lifestyles, culture, family, and the part of our lives which we have no control, i.e., race, gender, or body image. The challenges and successes of life also help create personal identity. Finding one’s true identity comes only through and by truth, but first we must desire that truth to find our true identity.

Desire is a powerful feeling. Desire pulls us forward and focuses our intention or aim. Desire is a conscious decision. Desire is not passive; it doesn’t just happen. We choose what we desire. You must decide what it is that you want. You must define your own vision of your future.

Desire is action oriented. If you don’t act on your desires, then the feelings you have for what you want will lessen until you forget wanting them in the first place. Desiring things without action is just wishful thinking.

Desire is first a feeling, then becomes action. Taking action helps us to begin to change our perception of reality so that we can see the good in ourselves and in others which in turn gives us our true identity. Good desires take us in the right direction while desires that are not good or harmful lead us on the wrong path.

Our desire to find truth about ourselves is determined by our understanding that there is more to this life than what we currently know and that our perception of reality is often limited.

We need to seek after truth and find value in our lives. Truth will stimulate our thoughts and motivate us to acts of goodness. Our desire to change will then lead us to greater understanding of ourselves.

After understanding what our perception is to our own reality, we can start to recognize truth and admit to ourselves that truth does exist and know that our perception of reality is often limited. We can open ourselves to the idea that there is greater knowledge, understanding and truth for us to gain. We must know how to see and recognize that truth. Truth may come from knowledge or experience that has been accepted or approved to be truth.

Once we gain a truthful knowledge about ourselves, we can start to make good choices in our life. This is a personal journey and one that can be fulfilling as we find our uniqueness and character.

When we learn and value or own personal identity, we can build confidence. We can stand on our own goodness. Our desired outcome can be that we are decent, honorable, and courageous people. This outcome takes time but with the desire to find our personal identity we can take a step forward to improving ourselves.

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