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NAFFA is Going Global

In a world where parenting has a profound impact on the future, envision a society where fathers and mothers are not just caregivers but true models of healthy parenting. This is the vision that the Native American Fatherhood and Families Association (NAFFA) aspires to bring to fruition, and it's a vision that holds the power to transform communities across the globe.

NAFFA's curriculum is designed with a singular purpose – to inspire fathers and mothers to become beacons of positive influence, fostering an environment where children can thrive emotionally, socially, and academically. By instilling essential parenting skills, values, and fostering healthy relationships within families,  parents can nurture the emotional and spiritual well-being of their children. Parents are encouraged to develop their own self-awareness and emotional intelligence, recognizing that their own healing journey directly impacts their ability to support their children.

NAFFA aims to create a ripple effect that extends far beyond individual households as we want to share Fatherhood is Sacred® and Motherhood is Sacred® with the world. NAFFA’s 2,000 plus facilitators in the U.S, and now Canada, paves the way for other countries to learn about our programs.

As we move forward, we are including a new title that we will use for our international friends. The International Association of Families will strengthen, keep and reunite families by responsibly involving fathers and mothers in the lives of their children, families and communities.

Imagine a world where every community embraces the principles advocated by NAFFA, where parents are equipped with the tools they need to nurture the next generation. In this world, children would grow up in environments that promote love, understanding, and mutual respect – values that extend beyond the familial unit and shape the very fabric of society.

One good example of this vision came from the Winnebago Tribe. The Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska started the Fatherhood is Sacred® chapter in October of 2005. In October of 2015, Vivian ThunderCloud, Chief Clerk for the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska’s Tribal Court and the overseer of the Child Support Enforcement office gave a report to the Tribal Council.

In her report, Ms. ThunderCloud gave much of the “credit” to the Fatherhood is Sacred® program for the amount of child support funds that were paid to the Tribal Courts. She says, “This past fiscal year which ended September 30th, the fathers paid $279,000.00 which is an increase of $249,000.00 over the last year for a total of $528,000.00. These fathers are learning to support their children.”

As we carry NAFFA's vision to the world, let us be ambassadors of positive change in our own homes and communities. Together, we can create a global movement that celebrates the transformative power of healthy parenting. Imagine a world where every father and mother is not just a caregiver but a beacon of inspiration, shaping the destiny of generations to come. The journey begins with us, and the possibilities are boundless.

Watch NAFFA's video on our new sister organization, International Association of Families here.

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