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Ka Wade and Biometrica

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

In preparation for our National "Fatherhood is Leadership" Conference next week, we are spotlighting some of our presenters.

For the past five years, Ka Wade has led Biometrica's work focused on using big data and software tools to protect children and vulnerable adults. She has also led the initiative on missing persons and the new MMIP Fusion Center in Mesa, while building and managing partnerships with law enforcement and groups focused on preventing human trafficking and crimes against children. Over a 25-year-career, she has led diverse teams across cities and countries. She can communicate in some form in nine languages, and her work has been published in six — English, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Afrikaans, and Mandarin.

Biometrica is a Nevada and Arizona-based organization which produces data with a focus on public safety, workplace safety, physical and digital security, and surveillance. They help track crime and offenders in real-time, from thieves to traffickers to terrorists and from cyber-criminals to sex offenders and those that commit violent crimes. They maintain usable, shareable data to help other agencies find these criminals.

They are not just algorithms, data and systems, they are private investigators and workplace investigators, FCRA and EEOC compliant, and understand PII, AML, KYC and HIPAA guidelines.

With a staff of only eight people Biometrica has accomplished miracles:

· Help track insider threats through a 100% LEA-sourced NatCrim database

· Allow automated encrypted notification of arrest matches to monitored individuals

· Maintain specific intelligence lists, blacklists & whitelists

· Allow organizations to share data securely via an end-to-end encrypted network

· Keep a legally viable digital audit trail of every report

· Maintain privacy and PII obligations, while helping you keep your workplace safe

Biometrica is an associate member of the Professional Background Screening Association and partner with groups working on finding missing adults, unidentified remains, helping recover children that have been trafficked, abused or kidnapped, and investigators working on cold cases.

They built a multi-jurisdictional 24×7 automated criminal background check, which allows other businesses such as bank, offices, hospitals, churches, schools, stores, restaurants, hotel, casinos, cabs, nursing homes, or even private home owner to keep employees, volunteers, and customers safe through continuous monitoring.

Their arrest data is 100% law enforcement-sourced and updated every hour. Businesses receive an encrypted alert as soon as law enforcement updates data about a potential match to an employee, contractor or volunteer in their system, and are then provided information on that match through a case file.

NAFFA is very grateful for the work Biometrica has done and look forward to working together to help save those missing Natives that have been forgotten.

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