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Fatherhood: A Loyal Career

One father was important. Now there are thousands of fathers who know they are important. Native American Fatherhood and Families Association has been teaching fathers since 2002. With the developed curriculum of Fatherhood is Sacred/Motherhood is Sacred™, thousands of parents have learned what it takes to be a lifelong care giver to their children.

The Fatherhood is Sacred™ program is especially written for fathers, who do not have an understanding of what role fathers should have in the home. Starting with the purpose of life, fathers are taught how sacred the role of fatherhood truly is for their children. For those fathers who did not accept and act upon the principles of fatherhood, there is hope for a better life and a happy family. Desperation is transferred into hope and discouragement into self-worth and purpose. Many fathers need encouraging words.

Fatherhood is an important leadership calling. As the family is an institution, every institution should have a leader. Fathers are the leaders who love and guide their families and lead with kindness and gratitude. Our words and actions determine our character and true character allows us to value and protect what is most important to us.

Think of life as a journey. We choose which path we want to take. Choosing the path of destruction with drugs, alcohol and laziness leads us to a life of much confusion and misery. Choosing the path of integrity and honor as a father, we choose to make positive changes in our life and our families are safe and happy.

Fathers should remember the importance of integrity and keeping to high principles. We must have the desire to do what is right and possess the qualities and characteristics essential for a loyal father. Integrity and these valuable principles provide direction, answers and empower us in our role as fathers.

Courage is necessary to do what is right. Work is necessary to create good habits and attitudes. The power of choice is important as well. We can choose to be loyal fathers as we love and serve our families.

Learning to be a good father takes time and patience. With a bit of vision, fathers can bring purpose and direction into the lives of their children. Many times children just want to spend time with their parents. Fathers don’t need large paychecks or fancy cars. They just need to remember loving acts of service and sincere compliments.

We are celebrating Fathers on Sunday. Have a wonderful celebration.

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