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Dodie Blomberg and Positive Discipline

Positive and discipline normally does not go well together. As parents know, discipline can be a very difficult situation but the founder of Positive Discipline, Dr. Jane Nelsen disagrees. Positive Discipline the way Dr Nelsen sees it, is a parents and classroom management system which teaches parents and teachers to be both firm and kind so that any child-from a three-year old toddler to a rebellious teenager can learn cooperation and self-discipline without the loss of dignity.

Originally this positive discipline model was based on the work of Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs. Dr. Adler first introduced the idea of parenting education to United States audiences in the 1920s. He advocated treating children respectfully, but also argued that spoiling and pampering children was not encouraging to them and resulted in social and behavioral problems.

The classroom techniques, which were initially introduced in Vienna in the early 1920s, were brought to the United States by Dr. Dreikurs in the late 1930s. Dreikurs and Adler refer to the kind and firm approach to teaching and parenting as democratic.

Positive Discipline parent education classes are taught across the country and has been successfully used as the classroom management model in private, religious and public elementary schools.

We are blessed to have Dodie Blomberg (a Positive Discipline facilitator) teach this presentation for NAFFA’s 17th “Fatherhood is Leadership” conference.

Ms. Bloomberg is a passionate and dynamic teacher, parent, and leader who is compelled to make a difference in families, schools, communities, and as a result, the world. She has taught fifth grade in a public school for 12 years and knows the gifts and challenges that go along with being in the

classroom and in a big school system intimately. When she took her first Posit

ive Discipline Workshop in 1995, it “rocked her world and changed everything,” according to her. She immediately felt the energy shift in her classroom and was inspired to dig even deeper. She is now a certified Positive Parent instructor.

There are five criteria for Positive Discipline to work:

  1. Parents and teachers use respectful and encouraging models to be kind and firm at the same time.

  2. Positive Discipline helps children feel a sense of belonging and significance which connects relationships.

  3. The difference between Positive Discipline and punishment is the long-term effectiveness.

  4. The value of social and life skills for good character. (Respect, concern for others, problem-solving, accountability, contribution, cooperation)

  5. Invites children to discover how capable they are and to use their personal power in constructive ways.

Being a parent is one of the greatest and the most challenging experiences EVER! Come join Positive Discipline Lead Trainer, Dodie Blomberg for a fun filled, energetic and engaging workshop to gain a few really helpful skills and tools to create a more peaceful and easy relationship with your children. Warning: you will not leave this workshop as a perfect parent (none exist!). You will leave knowing you are not alone in the struggle and with a bit more confidence!

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