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The Transformation of Great Fathers

Last year there were several posts from online blogs discussing the disadvantage of Native American and African American males growing up in poor homes. We are facing a “national crises” it was told, with high incarceration numbers of both groups of men as well as the negative impact of childhood poverty noted to cause this incarceration.

This is our country’s reality and what are we to do about it? As we look back in the last forty years, social service agencies already helping aren’t getting very far in a long term solution to help teach self-sufficiency. The solution is easier than most think. Our focus should be on the father: fathers and families. Why focus on fathers? Because there has been a lack of focus on fathers being the leaders. Fathers prepare the way for family and others to follow by guiding, directing and motivating. Where fathers are the leaders, there is improve in our communities.

Truth be known, many of these social service programs do help families who are in need. It’s training the mind to look forward, appreciate who they are and make good choices for themselves and their children that really change the hearts of many fathers and solve the problem of many addictions.

Fathers who stick around and work hard to provide for their families, fathers who appreciate their life on earth, fathers who make good choices in keeping clean and sober are the fathers for the future of our children. When they catch a glimpse of the greatness of who they are, they transform their lives and become great men. These are the men we need and it’s an amazing transformation.

There may be periods of time throughout our lives when we experience chaos and utter confusion. One of the root causes of chaos is not knowing where we want to go or what we want to accomplish in our lives. To function well, we must not only have order in our lives but we must also avoid things that cause chaos such as addictions, neglect and abuse.

Native American Fatherhood and Families Association (NAFFA) focus is the improvement of one’s self. Self-improvement can only happen when families understand proven principles of love, honesty, respect, forgiveness and compassion. Desperation is transferred into hope and discouragement transferred into self-worth and purpose.

Responsible fatherhood is a process of communication and interaction. Communication is necessary for sharing positive feelings, and building a good relationship. Interaction is critical to inform and maintain a positive relationship. By doing things together, it will bring children to you and you to them. It’s a great influencer.

The transformation of fathers is the key to our nation’s strength. Their sacred responsibility to love, serve and be devoted to the entire family will be a shining example to others in their life. They will be the valued asset for their family for a very long time.

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