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A Shout-Out to our Facilitators: A Model of Service

For Native American Fatherhood and Families Association (NAFFA), we have an army of positive, community-minded people who care about the participants in their classes. Our facilitators work to build self-worth, positive attitudes and a sense of identity. They have found that many fathers in the our program Fatherhood is Sacred™/Motherhood is Sacred™ may not want custody of their children because they are afraid and many of the young men feel that they are not ready for that commitment. Because of these attitudes and fears, our facilitators hold group meetings for the sole purpose of support and networking as well as a chance for our participants to absorb and internalize the lessons.

These platforms are used as a way for their participants to disconnect with their old lives, bad habits and friends and connect with a new life, of good habits and friends. All of these components work to re-wire the brain and make transformational changes in their lives which subsequently helps improve their relationships in their families.

What would we do without these angels of mercy, working to help better the lives of so many? We would be lost for sure. Last year alone we certified 180 people to be facilitators all over the nation in many Native communities. These special trained people have a belief system which sets them apart from many other organizations:

We Believe…

  • In people first, followed by our principals and then our programs.

  • In honoring the foundations and traditions of the Native American cultures.

  • That fathers are not the problem but are the solution.

  • That while we focus on fathers, we will never diminish the equally important role of the mother and will strive to enhance that role.

  • That we must embrace the good values of all cultures and discard the bad.

  • Anyone who is involved in raising Native American children is part of us and our cultural heritage and is welcome in our programs.

  • All people need to feel wanted, needed, and important.

  • In the inclusive nature of Native American cultures and any person who identifies themselves as a Native American no matter the degree of your heritage.

  • In promoting the creation of a more father-friendly environment.

  • The family is the most important institution in life.

  • Fathers are the sacred link from the past through the present to future generations.

  • In strengthening communities through healthy relationships.

Our facilitators bring hope, gratitude and understanding which can powerfully effect the change in fathers’ and mothers’ lives. They inspire and ignite self-motivation through their teaching of our curricula. It is truly amazing what this

band of angels have done for so many people and we salute them.

Picture from Fountain Valley California Facilitator Training

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