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Taking the Lead to Honor our Country

As our Independence Day approaches this week, we need to honor our country in the land that our Creator has given us. This great land of America was entrusted to our forefathers by our Creator to honor, love, and protect the homeland of our people. We take pride in our roots, our culture and our home. Parents should take the lead by setting the example for their children to honor, love and protect our great country this Fourth of July.

Not only should we honor our native land but honor those who have returned from military service and war in protecting and preserving this land. Native Americans have always honored both the men and women of the armed forces after returning from military service. From Navajo/Hopi Observer it says: “In fact, taken as a whole, Native Americans have the highest per-capita commitment of any ethnic population to defending the United States as members of the Armed Services. To this day, there are many examples of modern Native American heroes who have been recognized for their courage and service as champions of independence.

During World Wars I and II, Code Talkers scrambled messages between American forces, which gave them a significant advantage over the enemy. Ira Hayes, a member of the Gila River Indian Community, was one of the brave soldiers who raised the American flag on Iwo Jima. Lori Piestewa, a member of the Hopi Tribe, was the first Native American woman to die in combat. There are also many Native Americans who have received the Medal of Honor fighting alongside their American brothers and sisters.” We need to instill a reverence in our children to remember the heroism for those who died and served to protect our freedoms. I want to express our love and devotion to all those who served in the military.

I encourage all to respect the United States flag as well as the flag of each native nation, we preserve our legacy. We know families play a big part in contributing to the patriotism of our country. Patriotism is an important family virtue and the honor and respect demonstrated by many Native tribes’ leads our future generations to patriotism.

Although we have been through many trials and difficulties, what better country in the world do we enjoy such freedoms? Instilling these patriotic ideals is an investment for the future. By teaching our future generations the reverence needed in honoring our land, we honor those who have sacrificed for freedom, and families can instill this reverence for years to come. I extend my allegiance to this great nation and may God bless America.

Mr. Albert M. Pooley

President and Founder of NAFFA

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