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Restoring Family Unity

There are disturbing trends in our modern society when one watches the news or scrolls through their social media feed. Divorce, fatherlessness, split families and domestic violence are some of the atrocities which have been the outcome for many years. Albert Pooley saw this trend in his Native American people and wanted to do something to help strengthen their families. He developed the Fatherhood Is Sacred® program promoting responsible fatherhood and strengthening individuals and families by laying a strong foundation of a purpose-driven life.

Originally this book was written in manual form for Native American fathers and mothers taught by Mr. Pooley who is the founder of Native American Fatherhood and Families Association (NAFFA), located in Mesa, Arizona. As his message of that manual spread all over the country, there were many who wanted to buy the manual without taking the course to get the information.

This was not the intent of the manual. To keep the integrity of the original intent of this program, we transformed the information in the manual to teach the principles of what Albert Pooley has taught since 2002 into this book, Restoring Family Unity: The Pathway to Building Strong Family Relationships.

We can learn to understand how parents can lay the foundation against divorce, drugs, alcoholism and gangs with Mr. Pooley's ideals of the Creator, Choice, Teachable, Wisdom and Service. These are explained here with stories of participants who have benefited from Fatherhood is Sacred® and are strengthening their own families.

Fathers and mothers must take the lead in making the necessary adjustments to head in a new direction. We are a forward-thinking, forward-looking and forward-moving people and as we understand our past we have clarity to improve and move forward.

Readers will find Restoring Family Unity: The Pathway to Building Strong Family Relationships inspiring as these principals will have a positive affect and build relationships that will last forever.

Albert M. Pooley was born to the Hopi and Navajo Native American cultures. He grew up close to both cultures on the reservation where the love of a father taught him outstanding life lessons. He holds a Master of Social Work (MSW) and Master of Public Administration (MPA) and has extensive experience as a marriage and family counselor. In 2002, Mr. Pooley founded Native American Fatherhood and Families Association with the purpose of strengthening and keeping families together. Throughout his professional career, Mr. Pooley has worked with over 400 tribes throughout North America in promoting and strengthening families in a variety of national and tribal programs that promote healthy parental involvement in creating happy and safe homes. As a father of six children, grandfather to 16, he appreciates the role of being a father and he finds joy in teaching principles that are relevant to his Native American culture.

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