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Positive Influence in a Child's Life

Children are in great need of positive influences from their parents. Noticing the inappropriate mottos on t-shirts, TV shows, movies, video games and music is mortifying to many. The standard of goodness has dropped tremendously from clothing styles, the media and school educational programs. Trustworthy, parents have the responsibility protecting their children from such garbage and teach their children the value of oneself, personal identity and knowing their purpose in life. With these values, children are less likely to join gangs and easily follow the crowd.

Self-Worth: To value ourselves, we must understand the true nature of our personal value, our worth, our usefulness and productivity and our goodness. A very large degree of our worth is tied to how we are treated by others, particularly by those who are significant in our lives. If parents teach their children that it is okay to participate in sex at an early age, this will not contribute positively toward their own self-worth.

Self-worth is linked to self-respect and the feeling of one’s value. Feeling acceptance and affection from loved ones is vital to a sense of self-worth. Sadly, parents often do not demonstrate or show adequate love and affection to their children or each other. Such expressions are vital to emotional development and personal growth. This outward expression greatly enhances the sense of acceptance and belonging to the family which affects self-worth.

Self-worth is the foundation of our ability to believe in ourselves. This keeps us on the right path in life and brings confidence in our ability in life’s tasks and better judgment to cope with the hardships. A healthy self-worth is the result of understanding the true nature of our value, potential, worth and usefulness.

Personal Identity: How we view ourselves determines our behavior and in turn gives us a personal identity. Identity greatly influences our attitude, career choice, friendships, and all major decisions in our life. What a person thinks is what they are and do. We learn attitudes from our families, friends, culture, and environment.

There is no one in this world like us. There never has been and never will be anyone exactly like us Even with identical twins, they might look exactly alike on the outside, but they are different on the inside. We are unique, individual beings.

We come from greatness and we need to work toward becoming good, decent, honorable, and courageous people. Many people look for external influence to tell them of their value and identity. Part of that influence should come from strong relationships from family members and parents, who can nurture that positive influence with their children.

Purpose Driven Life: The purpose of life is to have a happy and safe family. With this purpose we can develop a greater meaning to why we are here on earth. Purpose helps bring direction and discipline. A person must learn that he/she is a being of power, intelligence and feeling. They possess the ability to learn and the power to change and empower themselves. Learning our own purpose encourages and stimulates our own desire to learn, improve, discover, and progress. Our children will follow along the same path if they can see their parents promoting and fulfilling their own purpose. Involving children in positive activities such as school clubs, sports teams and plan positive family activities will develop their self-worth, identity and a purpose driven life.

There are other important characteristics to learn through the positive influence of parents such as self-discipline, emotional maturity and independence but the three that are necessary for positive parents to teach their children positive experiences are self-worth, personal identity and a purpose driven life.

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