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How Do We Change Hearts?

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Our program changes lives. We have seen it over and over again all across the country. It is a wonderful blessing to be part of such a great program to help parents strengthen themselves and their children. But how does it happen? How do we change hearts?

First, the program lays a solid foundation in five core principles to help men and women rebuild their lives and strengthen the relationships which keep their families together. The initial approach was to define the purpose of life as “to have a happy family.” Anyone can have a family but with the principles taught from our program, they learn that family life is more than just living in a house. It’s a life choice of choosing goodness for those who work towards resolving challenges and solving problems. These are those men and women who can enjoy the benefits of the true joy and satisfaction of close family ties.

Then we teach them to understand about sacredness, focusing on Native American culture. We understand and accept symbols of nature to be sacred (mountains, animals, plants, burial grounds, etc.) along with various traditional ceremonies. Sacredness is a deep traditional value in the great heritage of the Native people.

By obtaining and many times remembering this knowledge in their minds and a feeling in their hearts toward the sacredness of their role as a father and as a mother, this powerful and motivating desire changes the participants to accept his role as father and family leader and her role as mother and nurturer. They start to understand and internalize the sacredness of their roles as fathers and mothers and they develop a deeper commitment to become more caring, loving and responsible.

This is what changes hearts. This is what takes a man and a woman from selfishness and self-indulgence to caring, responsible people. From this experience, the men become easier to work with and are motivated in becoming a blessing to their families and not a burden. Women realize the positive influence they have in a happy, safe home and want to stay with their children. Through our program, the fathers realize that they are the sacred link between past and future generations. As they learn to recognize between what is right behavior and what is wrong behavior, they develop the courage to stand up for what is right. As they develop the two powerful traits of moral character and integrity, they become more trustworthy, dependable and their word is credible. They are diligent in bringing honor back to their good names and people.

As each session progresses, confidentiality is established which enables the men to understand that others may share similar fears, problems and hopes. This disclosure is a valuable method in helping the men experience their potential for new learning and personal growth.

It’s an amazing miracle. Fathers and mothers returning to their homes to raise their own children. It’s what strengthens communities. It’s what our country has needed for years. With a change of heart, parents can heal themselves and take care of their own children.

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