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A New Beginning

This is a great beginning for our organization. A new year and the start of a new blog. Native American Fatherhood and Families (NAFFA) will be expanding their horizons and teaching more fathers and mothers.

It’s exciting to promote the wellness of the family through our 12 step sessions on the sacredness of fatherhood and motherhood. It’s exciting to help others strengthen their families to be happy and safe. In our new blog, we will be writing about the great things NAFFA will be doing throughout the year.

Already in the works are several conferences for Albert Pooley (President) and Amy Faatoafe (Executive Director) to speak around the country. One of the most exciting presentations is set in March for the 62nd Session of the Commission on the Status of Women for the United Nations in New York. This is NAFFA’s opportunity to really shine to the world. We are sharing the Motherhood is Sacred™ principles and letting all who hear how important mothers are in a family.

The hope for this blog is to post ideas about the strength of the family and what we can all do to help fathers and mothers see their potential as positive parents to contribute to the health and welfare of their children.

Check in when you can to find helpful information on involving yourself with your families to support each other in keeping the heart of the family alive.

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