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The Treasure of Service

The final core principal of Fatherhood is Sacred™ is service. Service is helping and caring for others which helps us connect with our Creator. It is very powerful. Native ancestors deeply valued service and viewed it as a sacred obligation and duty. They understood that no person is independent of others. They understood the importance of serving each other.

Service begins by making people feel welcome, wanted, accepted and appreciated. We should serve each other as service is a road map to greatness.

We can ask ourselves these questions:

Who is a person we hold most dear in our hearts?

Who is a person we will never forget?

How often do we think of this person?

These special people will live on in our hearts until the day we die. Why? Because they are real to us. They have served us in some way in our life and we save a special place in our hearts for them.

We serve those whom we love. When parents serve their children, the children always have a special place in their hearts for their parents. We are all dependent upon each other for help throughout our lives and when we serve someone, there is a connection.

Do not mistake service for weakness as it is a strength that reflects courage. With the opportunity to serve we develop a great ability to love. We heal others and ourselves. We grow a spiritual power and feel inner peace. Service brings knowledge and a greater understanding of life.

We must make service in our families a way of life. Caring service has great influence on the hearts and minds of children. It calms the fear, doubt and discouragement children will face throughout their lives. By teaching the principle of service to our children, we inspire them to work hard and develop the talent in their own lives. True, sincere service to others cannot be bought or measured with money. It is truly a treasure for parents and children.

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