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Father Friendly Organizations

Father’s day is coming up and our organization called Native American Fatherhood and Families Association (NAFFA) caters to fathers and their leadership training in the family. Not just Native American fathers but all fathers. We believe in supporting and encouraging fathers to be leaders in their families. For us, Father’s day is a great celebration of the necessity of fathers.

In our next four blog posts, we will discuss fatherhood in many different ways from the absence of fathers and its influence to the loyal careers of fathers and the blessing of fatherhood. These are all important ideals that need to be spread and discussed because fathers are important.

For today, we want to consider the support systems for fathers in our communities. Not those organizations who dish out money, but for those associations that help fathers who struggle with abuse, low self-worth and strained relationships with a co-parent.

Where are the “father friendly” organizations who can provide help to fathers in parenting for young children, middle grade children and teens? How can fathers really separate the organizations from those who welcome fathers and the improvement of their lifestyles as opposed to places where their interest takes them elsewhere and not with fatherhood?

We have an answer. From the long term experience and knowledge of fatherhood and families, Neil Tift wrote a comprehensive A,B,C list of what to look for in a father friendly organizations. A check list, if you will, of what it takes to make a father friendly support organization. See how the list measures up:

What a insightful resource this list is for fathers needing support. Help spread the word to fathers who might need some help in learning how to be a better father.

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