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Dr. Tracy Gibbs and Good Health

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Good health has been the topic of discussion since humans have been on the earth. We all want to feel good and be healthy. One person who has been studying natural medicines from herbs and other sources from the time he was 15 years old is Dr. Tracy Gibbs. He has done extensive study in pharmacognosy which is the study of medicines derived from natural sources. Over the last 100 years, medicine has taken us away from natural source medications into chemical man-made medications which has not been as helpful to heal our bodies.

Dr. Gibbs resided in Japan for several years where he was schooled in Pharmacognosy, organic chemistry and botanical medicine (Kampo Igaku). He is the formulator of over 900 dietary supplements and skin care products, patent holder of the AES (Assimilation Enhancing System), author of four books and has taught and lectured at worldwide symposiums and conferences including the Malaysia Health Symposium, The Anti-Aging Association of Korea, The League of Cities and Towns, Biotech China, and the National Nutritional Foods Association. Currently he has found a home working full time at Vasayo building some truly disruptive products.

Specialties: Dietary Supplement R&D, Skin Care formulation and development, essential oils, Asian market entry and expansion, FDA regulations, QC&QA, public speaking, clinical research.

Dr. Gibbs has lectured worldwide on the clinical applications of herbal medicine and operates an herbal medicine school in Japan and one in the United States where students can learn how to use herbs in everyday situations. He has authored several books and booklets including My Home Pharmacy, Phytonutrients: The Drugs of the Future and Your Blood Speaks. Two of these books have been translated into Japanese-language editions.

Dr. Yi Zhun Zhu, (Dean of Pharmacology, Singapore National University) says: Recently there has been a renewed interest by the medical profession into the beneficial effects of natural products and herbs for chronic disease and the prevention thereof. It is estimated that over 80 percent of the world's population relies heavily on natural plant products as medicines and drugs. Half of the top 50 drugs sold in European pharmacies are based on or derived from natural herbs. Perhaps the U.S. market can learn something from Dr Gibb. Despite much of our scientific research into natural herbs, our knowledge in how to actually use them on patients remains inadequate. Perhaps through using his formulas we will come to a better understanding of why and how these "food medicines" really work.

Dr. Gibbs is currently the Founder and Chairman of the Board for Phytovation Inc, a Salt Lake City research and development company. He is also serving as Chief Scientific Advisor for Vasayo, an advanced delivery technology direct sales company. He has also served as VP of Asia Operations for Atrium Innovations, a publically traded multi-national company as well as served as a c

onsultant to companies such as Doterra, Young Living, Metabolife, 4 Life Research, Max International, and many, many other supplement companies. He has formulated literally hundreds of products for many of the brand name dietary supplement companies which products have sold billions of dollars in revenue. Dr. Gibbs is touted as one of the best formulators in the industry.

So why is Dr. Gibbs speaking at the NAFFA National “Fatherhood is Leadership” Conference next week? Because his digestion enzyme formula has helped many people of all cultures and he has developed one specifically for Native Americans called Health E80. Of all the natural health compounds available, enzymes may be the most valuable in the world. It’s been said many times and shown in research, “we are only as good as our gut”.

NAFFA, LLC has long recognized the need to improve health among our native peoples, specifically regarding blood sugar and diabetes. Enter Health E80's patented formula consisting of 8 Enzymes + 72 Minerals specifically engineered to properly break down proteins, fats, sugars, carbohydrates and dietary fiber.

Imagine NAFFA’s excitement when we discovered an international organization headed by Dr. Tracy Gibbs, that agreed to partner with us to provide a solution that addresses the poor health, diet and disease that is skyrocketing among our North American Tribes. Our organization is dedicated to educating all Native Americans and Indigenous People on the health benefits of proper diet and enzyme supplementation.

The success of Health E80 has been phenomenal and listening to Dr. Gibbs at the conference will help those in attendance to understand how to improve their health. As human beings, we function much better when we feel physically and emotionally well.

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