9 1/2 inch by 7 1/2 inch sized hand drawn Native American Mother with Babe in Arms by local artist John Kimball Westbrook. This beautiful artwork is framed in a 14 x 11 black matted frame. The bottom has a gold signage which says Native American Fatherhood & Family Assocation: Motherhood Is Sacred. The back has a "Note from the Artist". (See Below) Wrapped in plastic for protection. Perfect for a decorative wall hanging.

Native American Mother with Babe in Arms

  • "My love for the rich artistic value of the southwest and Native American culture is the driving force behnd my work. My ancestry in the southwest dates back as early as 1847. As a sculpter and two dementional artist, developing my technique spans over thirtyfive years. I grew up among the Native American people and loved to hear the stories of their ancestors. And I try to capture that great history in their faces. The excitement of releasing the natural beauty trapped inside the stone never ceases to amaze me with each new piece I create. John Kimball Estbrook  jkwestbrookart.com" Plus phone number.

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