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Six Reasons Fatherhood and Motherhood are Sacred Programs are More Successful than any Other Behavioral Health Program

The Native American Fatherhood and Families Association (NAFFA) is an organization that focuses on promoting positive fatherhood, motherhood and family relationships. We emphasize cultural values and teachings that are important to those who are healing from trauma and addiction. Here are six reasons Fatherhood is Sacred® and Motherhood is Sacred® are more successful than any other behavioral health program.


1. NAFFA incorporates the development of courage to prepare our participants for change and teach the principle that our minds and hearts work together for positive desired outcomes. Courage is a choice and willingness to confront danger, pain, uncertainty, hardships and other life challenges. Courageous people are builders and defenders of goodness.  To express courage is to have the ability to stand for what is right regardless of the consequences.

2. NAFFA encourages the true need for families to be reared by loving and devoted parents by strengthening their self-worth, personal identity and purpose in life. Each of these areas contribute greatly to enable growth, as well as strengthen, change and support a person throughout their life’s journey. We must understand the value and importance of our true self-worth, personal identity and purpose.



         Uplifts parents in their spirit, attitude, self-image, self-worth which helps everyone feel welcome, wanted, needed and special.

         Encourages parents with new hope which inspires a desire for change and reinforces confidence and trust in self and others.

         Assists parents with recognizing opportunities, identifying resources, improving life skills and problem-solving abilities.

         Teaches parents principles and responsibilities toward family, fatherhood, motherhood, marriage and self-control.


4. NAFFA shares with our participants that they have been misdirected, misguided, misled and misinformed instead of telling them they are ill, sick or dysfunctional. Encouraging negative behavior and bad role models moves us away from healing and promotes destructive habits.


5. NAFFA teaches the importance of learning and embracing the TRUTH. We can be teachable for change in life when we are open and accepting of truth. Being teachable brings appreciation and gratitude to life and eliminates bitterness and misunderstanding.


6. NAFFA teaches the power of

Forward-Thinking: Putting good things into our minds that motivate and inspire us to do good.

Forward-Looking: Seeing past our problems and imperfections; recognizing our value and potential.

Forward-Moving: Letting go of experiences and bad memories that hold us down or back.

Rather than being stuck in our mistakes, when we truly understand the past, we have clarity as we improve upon the present and look to the future with hope and confidence.


 NAFFA’s programs take a different road in that our approach will help others become good, decent and honorable people regardless of their past. We believe it is important for our participants to learn how to become independent and self-reliant individuals, not focusing on just abstinence.

For more information on how you can learn more about strengthening your own family and the families in your community please call 480-833-5007 or visit

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