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A Word from our Founder

Updated: Mar 21, 2018

The Fatherhood is Sacred/Motherhood is Sacred™ program is about change and the improvement of oneself. Its primary purpose is to keep our Native families together. By helping in

dividuals recognize the significance and importance of their sacred roles as fathers and mothers, families can be strengthened and unified.

There is nothing more important and precious than family. Native Forefather’s suffered and sacrificed so much but wanted only to see their children happy, safe and united. Our method is a simple traditional approach by motivating and inspiring parents to be brave and bold in their most important job as parents.

Tribal leaders must believe and have confidence in their people to conduct and carry out this great work. To truly honor the past is to improve upon it. The Fatherhood is Sacred/Motherhood is Sacred™ program is not a professional service approach which often can cause loss of confidence and ability to act for oneself. Today our great Native Cultures are quickly moving toward becoming a culture of rejection by blaming, criticizing, complaining, finding fault, disobedience and the loss of confidence in others.

Understanding and serving people often takes more effort than simply gaining more knowledge or managing programs. When people believe that the programs are more important than the people it is designed to serve, they complicate their work by adding tasks that waste both time and money. When program outcomes are not are not achieved or are blamed for budget request rises, such failures are often place on the people. This can result in much misery and pain. Every effort must be made to really understand the people we serve. Often people know so much but understand so little.

The Fatherhood is Sacred/Motherhood is Sacred™ program is a service based program. It uplifts, it binds and it unites individuals and families. It is designed to meet our people’s needs through one another, to love, serve and be committed to our families. This program will strengthen our native families, costing little money.

Fathers and mothers are ready to stand up in proving themselves for the parental challenge long overdue in many families. Not only will it strengthen our families and communities but it will help restore human dignity.

---Albert Pooley

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