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A Season of Gratitude

November is the month of gratitude. A time when we can open our hearts, transform our fears to fearlessness which gives us hope for the future. We can remember where we came from, who we are and be thankful for our life.

True gratitude is an act of faith, confidence and trust in the Creator but everyone’s situation is different. We all have many reasons to be grateful. We don’t always understand the trials and difficulties we have to face in life, but with gratitude we trust that tomorrow can be better. Those who are grateful are on the road to becoming great and never hopeless.

The Greek philosopher, Epictetus was quoted as saying: “He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has.”

Research reveals that gratitude and thankfulness improves our health as we sleep better and enhance our empathy to others. We reduce aggression, improve psychological and physical health and feeling gratitude even opens the doors to other relationships.

It’s amazing how such a seemingly, small virtue could have such a great effect on ourselves and others.

There are several ways we can express our gratitude which helps us feel thankful and fearless:

1. Find a journal or notebook to write what you are thankful for in life. When a thought comes to mind, write about it. You can call it your Thankful or Abundance journal but remember to write down your thoughts about what makes you grateful.

2. Tell it to someone in person. This can be a difficult challenge if you are not used to telling others how you feel about them. You can write a note or send a text besides verbally talking but any way you find to express your gratitude uplifts the spirit.

3. Volunteer in the community. There is so much need in every community to serve someone. Service to others reminds us how blessed we are in our own lives and helps to uplift others.

Life is not always perfect, but remembering to be grateful during the season of gratitude helps us to keep what is important in perspective.

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